Privileges and Ethics

It is the responsibility of the Committee of Privileges and  Ethics to consider and advise upon all matters relating to privileges and ethics of the Members of the Assembly They consider specific matters relating to privileges referred to it by the Assembly, Committees, or the Office of the Clerk. They oversee the work of the Clerk of Privileges and Ethics; to examine the arrangements for the compilation, maintenance, and accessibility of the Register of Members’ Interests and any other registers of interests established by the Assembly; and to review from time to time the form and content of those registers It is also the committee’s duty to review and to cause to be published from time to time a Guide to Conduct and the Registration of Interests. To consider any matter relating to the conduct of Members; To perform the functions described in Standing Orders 132 to 135. To make reports (including reports to the Assembly) on the exercise of any of its functions or any other matter listed above.

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